We groom most breeds and sizes of pets including cats, except for giant breed dogs. A regular grooming appointment at Broadway Dog Grooming includes a brush-out, bath & blow dry, and a proper clip according to the breed of your pet. 
We also clip the nails and clean the ears.
Prices will vary depending on breed and size of pet.

The pet stylists at Broadway Dog Grooming do not comb out or de-mat a severely matted coat because it's painful and stressful. A short clip is always required and it's more humane.
A short clip may not look as nice as a fluffy coat but it looks much nicer than a matted one. The fur will always grow back and regular brushing during the grow out will prevent matted fur.
There is an expression we use with a matted coat - humanity before vanity.

If you would like a style that's out of the ordinary, for instance a green mohawk, please ask. We'll be happy to apply non-toxic colours to make your pet's look one of a kind!
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